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Tonia McKnight

Britonia "Tonia" McKnight is an “Army Brat” but spent most of her life in Texas. The Army allowed her to live in Germany for a few years and visit other states. She has two (2) sisters that are her best friends! Sisters in sets of three are the best!! She is the proud mom of three (3) wonderful kids and the proud BeBe of two (2) fabulous kids.


In 2009, she relocated to Tennessee and then to Florida in 2017. She decided to start her Virtual Assistant Business during the middle of the Pandemic to allow her more time at home with her family. She travels between Tennessee and Florida to help with her Grandmother and Parents. She worked as a Paralegal for over 13 years and has lots of knowledge dealing with various insurance companies and customer service.


She now uses her skills and knowledge to assist business owners with navigating the administrative tasks of their business and social media. She makes it her mission to provide our patients and staff with the best service to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. She is ready to assist you on your wellness journey by providing administrative support!

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